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Fotolia 49320697 Subscription MonthlyWhat is Color Management?

Nowadays, we have a great variety of devices to create and print images, that's why it is so difficult to see a document created with one inkjet, in another one. The most effective way to respond to this problem is to use a Color Management System (CMS).

Each device has a particular way to process the color. Using a Color Management System, it is possible to control the printing of an image on different devices.

Therefore, the Color Management System describes all that is used for a chromatic accurate communication between one device and another, and it is based on a softwate 




Logo 01Our Software, KROME Ceramics

KROME Ceramics is a Color Management Sotware specifically developed for ceramic industry. It suposes a huge revolution in digital decoration for ceramics. The software offers the possibility about working with CMYK and RGB documents, It allows to visualize more than four colors systems, and reduces the time testing due to a calibration system that allows the software to take into account the variations in the ceramic process. It also increases quality product for and optimization of the inks to be used.

Some of the most important advantatges of the software are:

- Faster inkjet startup. Faster ink start due to Decorative Modules in KROME Ceramics
- Inkjet Synchronization. Synchronization between devices to make the same design by different machines
- Faster product development. Shorten product development time from the idea to production
- Ink optimization. Save cost and improve your designs with the ink optimization. Less production problems
- Reproduce the same design in monitor, plotter paper and ceramic tile



UI Krome 01Decorative Module

KROME Ceramics can solve the problems about color reproduction for inkjet decoration process through the use of Decorative Modules, a new ceramic concept which takes into account the body, the glaze, the inkjet configuration and the time and temperature of cooking process, to get the best ceramic results, well as a set of tools that combines ease of use with color management, making this system the last solution to control the inkjet process.






Reduccion de costesOptimization

Furthermore, KROME Ceramics has a color engine that performs a mathematical calculation to get the seame color with different combinations of inks, optimizing the proportions of inks used for generation colorful, prioritizing lower consumption, achieving significant cost reduction