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The Institute of Ceramics Technology (ITC) and DIGIT-S introduced its new innovations to improve the Digital Decoration process on Ceramics. The presentation took place last June 28th in the hall of acts of the ITC.

A huge representation of the Castellón's Ceramic Industry, with over 100 of attendants, discovered the advantages that can bring to the digital decoration process the use of KROME Suite, the software package offered by the company based in Castellón.

During the meeting, Digit-S showed the new capabilities of KROME Ceramics and KROME Studio. Also the company introduced KROME Weight, KROME Capture and KEY Cam, the first hardware development of the company.

KROME Weight is a new software who allows to mesure in an accurate way the ink consumption of inkjet machines. With these, it is possible calculate the real production cost of the inkjet process

But the best part of the evening was the introduction of KEY Cam, a camera that allows the digitalization of production designs in an accurate and quick way, solving one of the most important problems of the production process by digital decoration.

KEY Cam works with KROME Capture, a software who allows to control the image capture parameters in a easy way, achieving the digitalization of the design only with one click.

As Joaquin Luque, Product Manager of Digit-S says: Digit-S is always focused on improve the digital decoration process by the developing of new tools that helps to obtain all the potential that this technology could give. We think that with the improvements on KROME Ceramics and KROME Studio, and with the launching of KROME Weight, KROME Capture and KEY Cam, we continue offering tools that simplify and make easier the entire process.

In short, with KROME Suite, it is possible to control the whole Digital Decoration process, from the capture of the designs, edit designs, profiling, the real-time visualization of designs, as well as the processing and optimization of these, so that the entire production process is improved.