Nowadays ceramic industry is facing one of the deeper changes in its recent history, the digital transformation of companies towards the Industry 4.0, that is, the digitalization of production processes in all the steps.

In general, this new concept refers to the fact that the machines used to produce are able to work without human support, but are also able to take the necessary decisions and actions if the process is not working in the way that would be expected. This evolution, which will allow the digitalization of all the process, is based on three action spaces: measurement, reaction capacity, and the creation of new solutions.

To adapt this new paradigm of Industry 4.0 to a special industry like ceramics, Digit-S will introduce in Cevisama the “Ceramics 4.0” concept, which integrates all the necessary elements to have a digital control of the production of ceramic tiles from the point of view of the product, using KROME SUITE, a software package with integrated algorithms which allow to maintain the control over the final result of the design, because it predicts the behavior of the production chain for the connected elements to work in the best possible way to obtain the desired result without variation in tone.

During the next edition of the fair, to be held in Valencia in February from 5th to 9th, Digit-S will show on its booth sited at N3-P3 A38 the tools that make KROME Suite, including a new software for the digital control of production tone called KROME Tone.

KROME Tone is a new system which determinate the color difference between the Central Tone of a design and the pieces used to make the tone control in production, so if there is any difference higher than the approved by the company, it automatically adjusts the tone to give continuity to the production of the design. With this system it is possible to achieve the “Unique Tone”..