Digit-S awarded in the “3rd China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Final in Madrid”.

Digit-S awarded in the “3rd China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Final in Madrid”.

The selected technology-based company has won among more than 200 projects presented at national level.

Last Thursday, March 14th, the preliminary round of the “3rd China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition” was held in Madrid, where ten “innovative” projects of Spanish entrepreneurs were chosen to develop their ideas in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The contest in Spain was organized by the authorities of Shenzhen, the city for giants like Huawei and Tencent, which has developed the messaging service WeChat, and the China-Spain Innovation & Ventures, directed by Margaret Chen.

This competition wants to attract high-quality projects to China with a very innovative ideas, to help them connect with the technological and industrial resources of the Asian giant, and guide them in their process of expansion through the Chinese market for mutual benefit.

Digit-S, founded six years ago, has become a strategic partner of the companies in the ceramic sector worldwide for the process of digital transformation towards the “Ceramics 4.0”. This project that the company is carrying out, has won the prize in the category of “Advanced Manufacturing”.

Alejandro Martin, Digit-S Manager, emphasizes that: “For us this is a fundamental boost in our strategy of expansion in the Chinese market, as it makes us a leading technology company so we can continue to provide value solutions to our customers, both Asian and the rest of the world”.

As part of the award, representatives of the company will travel to Shenzhen where they will present their project to Chinese investors and will compete with companies from around the world, because as in Madrid, there have been other preliminary rounds in Sydney, Toronto, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Stockholm, Boston, Silicon Valley and London.

The Competition will distribute more than one million Euros in prizes among the companies that will be awarded, in addition to industrial incentives and incubation of the project for its implementation in China.

“In this final that will be held from April 5th to 16th, we will be able to show the potential of the Digit-S proposals to some of the most important Chinese investors, taking advantage of the new technologies associated with Industry 4.0 to connect customers with the ceramic process to create a product with great added value”, said Alejandro Martin.

Digit-S Starts de Way to Ceramics 4.0

Digit-S Starts de Way to Ceramics 4.0

The technological company develops tools to help ceramic companies in its Digital Transformation process

In its commitment to transform ceramic industry to “Industry 4.0”, Digit-S has develop “Ceramics 4.0” concept, which include all necessary elements to control in a digital way and focused on the product, the tiles production. This work is done through mathematical algorithms placed inside the different softwares developed by the company and that allows a significant saving in ink consumption, maintaining control over the final result of the tile, since it predicts the behaviour of the production line so that the connected elements behave in the best possible way to obtain the desired result without variation in the tone and improving the quality of the product.

Some of this tools introduced in the market by Digit-S, are inside KROME Suite, a software package which contains KROME Ceramics, a Color Management software which allows a direct ink saving over 20% and a quality improved designs thanks to its own mathematical algorithm. Other software include in the suite is KROME Studio, a Multicolor Image Editor, which allows to create and edit designs with more than 4 inks with real preview. Also in the package it is included a tone control and evaluation software called KROME Tone which allows to achieve the “Unique Tone”.

The Business Manager of Digit-S, Alejandro Martín says: “The Digital transformation of ceramic industry will be given by the strategic change which involves connecting the machines to a software capable to control the entire process to improve operating costs and product quality. Digit-S focuses its efforts on developing innovative tools that help ceramic companies in this transformation”.

As a result of this effort on innovation, Digit-S will perform on 26th of June its anual WWC, where attendants will know by its own the new tools that the company has develop during last year and will be in market after the summer. This tools will help ceramics manufacturers to prepare their companies to implement “Ceramics 4.0”.
The Keynote will start at 19:00h: and will take place in the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón. (digit-s.com).

Digit-S wins the Entrepreneur Export Award from the “Camara de Comercio” of Castellón

Digit-S wins the Entrepreneur Export Award from the “Camara de Comercio” of Castellón

This award recognizes the effort made by the company to expand internationally.
The Jury of this edition of the Chamber of Commerce Export Awards, has unanimously agreed to recognize the role that five companies from Castellon (Spain) have been developing in the internationalization field, being Digit-S the winner in the category of entrepreneurship. In the process, the jury highlighted the active international presence of the company despite being a startup, with only 5 years of activity, in which has developed an specific and specialized product. During its short history, the firm has signed agreements with companies from Egypt, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and recently China, the largest ceramic producer in the world.
At the awards ceremony, held today, Tuesday, April 24th, Alejandro Martín, Business Manager of Digit-S, has explained about the importance of this award as it “recognizes the work and effort of the company to take their products worldwide, betting for the digitalization of the entire process of ceramic decoration, from the conception of the idea to its production”.

A way to the digitalization of ceramic factories. Ceramic 4.0

A way to the digitalization of ceramic factories. Ceramic 4.0

Nowadays ceramic industry is facing one of the deeper changes in its recent history, the digital transformation of companies towards the Industry 4.0, that is, the digitalization of production processes in all the steps.

In general, this new concept refers to the fact that the machines used to produce are able to work without human support, but are also able to take the necessary decisions and actions if the process is not working in the way that would be expected. This evolution, which will allow the digitalization of all the process, is based on three action spaces: measurement, reaction capacity, and the creation of new solutions.

To adapt this new paradigm of Industry 4.0 to a special industry like ceramics, Digit-S will introduce in Cevisama the “Ceramics 4.0” concept, which integrates all the necessary elements to have a digital control of the production of ceramic tiles from the point of view of the product, using KROME SUITE, a software package with integrated algorithms which allow to maintain the control over the final result of the design, because it predicts the behavior of the production chain for the connected elements to work in the best possible way to obtain the desired result without variation in tone.

During the next edition of the fair, to be held in Valencia in February from 5th to 9th, Digit-S will show on its booth sited at N3-P3 A38 the tools that make KROME Suite, including a new software for the digital control of production tone called KROME Tone.

KROME Tone is a new system which determinate the color difference between the Central Tone of a design and the pieces used to make the tone control in production, so if there is any difference higher than the approved by the company, it automatically adjusts the tone to give continuity to the production of the design. With this system it is possible to achieve the “Unique Tone”..